a Los Angeles and Palm Springs boutique Merchandising and Design firm 

The Barrett Group is a Los Angeles and Palm Springs based Marketing and Design firm that focuses on developing identity through the use of interior design, merchandising and planning. Our projects include residential, retail and hospitality design; retail merchandising and management for private clubs, resorts and universities.

  • residential Design
  • hospitality Design
  • merchandising
  • retail planning
  • buying services
  • Retail management
  • staging

Our approach to creating a successful interior design is through collaboration with you to develop a uniquely styled space. The outcome is a functional, comfortable home that reflects your personality.

We were recognized by Club Management Magazine as a design showcase award winner for the outstanding pro shop design for the Jonathan Beach Club. This design award recognizes the Barrett Group’s unique ability to overcome the challenges of stringent zoning regulations, limited space, rigid timetables, and a tight budget.

The Barrett group provides customized interior design, marketing and imagery development based on your organization’s marketing objectives. Contact us to establish or reposition the image of your retail space, hotel, restaurant, or conference center. Let us help you launch a new product or service; distinguish yourself from the competition; or to reach a new market.

There Is Opportunity Everywhere. We Have The Vision To See It

Residential Design

Retail Merchandising

Hospitality Design

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